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What is Beard Oil


Beard oil is a blend of organic cold pressed carrier oils and 100% pure essential oils. At least it should be. However, each of our, beard oils are full of great benefits for your facial hair and skin. These oils have been perfectly combined to create an amazing leave-in conditioner for your beard. This results in a healthy, vibrant beard.


Why should I use beard oil?


Mason Danger Beard oils rejuvenates dry, itchy, scraggly beards and makes them SHINE. Beard oil hydrates and conditions as it soaks into your hair and skin. It soothes dry skin, prevents beard-druff (dandruff of the beard), softens the hair, and even encourages beard and mustache growth.


Why is my beard dry and brittle?


This is pretty common. The number one reason why a beard becomes dry and brittle is due to dehydration. You may not think you're dehydrated but your body is telling you different. You should be drinking plenty of water every day. Hot humid summers and activities that cause you to sweat, dry heat,  and dry chilly wind, all suck moisture out of your body. You have to be re-hydrating yourself to keep your skin moisture levels satiated. Beard oil will relieve the symptoms of dry, itchy, irritable skin & beard, but the root cause is a lack of hydration. Bottoms up to that water glass!


Why buy our Beard Oils


You can count on getting the same excellent quality of beard oil every time because every drop of essential oil is accounted for. We want our bearded friends to have a consistent experience with our beard oils and balms so we take great care in how each one is hand crafted with you in mind.


Who should use beard oils?


Any man with facial hair, no matter what type of hair. Facial hair comes in all sorts of shapes, styles, hair thickness, colors, etc., and all men have experienced common hair problems at one time or another such as bristly hair, dry & itchy skin, dandruff (beard-druff), split-ends, wild stray hairs and funky smells. You're not alone! Beard oils fix these issues.


When should I start using beard products?


You can start using beard oil when your beard has just begun. Many people don't realize this. They think that you need to wait until your beard reaches a certain length to enjoy the benefits. Applying beard oil at the beginning of the growing process, even if you only have a 5 o'clock shadow you'll begin to notice the softening effect of beard oil and beard balm. It's really quite pleasant and it really does soften those sharp bristles. Some men feel the softening effect of beard oil after the first use, but if you don't, give it a few days using it 2-3 times daily, and you'll be amazed. I have some friends that will even use it as an aftershave because it makes their skin smoother. Typical aftershave dries the skin out due to the alcohol b


How to apply beard oil. 


Place 4-6 drops of Mason Danger beard oil (about a dime sized amount) into the palm of your hand. Rub hands together and invigorate your beard! Depending on how big your beard is you may need to use more beard oil to ensure your beard gets enough. Note that if your hands are really oily after putting on beard oil, you may have used a little too much. I personally use about a half dropper full and I massage into my beard. If my hands are a little oily I will rub it on my arms and into my skin elsewhere. It works as a great skin moisturizer as well. Apply as often as you'd like and really as much as you'd like! Mason Danger Beard oils and can be applied to damp or dry beards. I always suggest right after a shower.


How often can I apply Beard Oil


As often as you'd like  :) I typically apply beard oil 3-4 times a day - morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime. Or as a hobbit would apply it to his feet . . .breakfast . . .second breakfast . . . elevenses . . . and so on.


How long will a bottle last?


The shelf life of a bottle of beard oil is around 6 months and the scent may start to fade a little. A little separation may occur. If that's the case simply shake the bottle to mix the oils back up. There are over 100 applications of beard oil in every bottle. If you apply your beard oil like a boss (aka 3 times a day), a bottle will last you about a month.


How long will the scent last?


Mason Danger Beard Oil is scented with 100% pure essential oils. They smell amazing! Depending on how quickly your hair and skin absorb the oil, it's possible to still smell the beard oil 3-4 hours after applying it.